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6 Essential pieces for your jewelry box.

6 Essential pieces for your jewelry box.

Jewelry trends change over the years especially during the seasons, but there are some items that will never go out of style. Our recommended list of essentials will streamline your jewelry selection process whatever style you prefer.
1) A dramatic ring is always a hit – There’s something spectacular about a dramatic ring that offers the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The ring can go from day to night every and every handshake, gesture and happy hour will leave everlasting memories.
2) A delicate gold bracelet – A whimsical but edgy bracelet can add a dash of kick-ass gold energy to your ‘wear-to-work’ or an evening with your significant other. For that every show-stopper dress that needs little adornment, a bracelet is your bestie.
3) A minimalist necklace – a delicate gold chain with any eye-catching colored stone pendant is always striking; it may seem subtle, but it speaks volumes. Several of our necklace designs easily transition from day-to-night.
4) A statement necklace – An intricate and stunning statement necklace that can cast everything from a plain cotton t-shirt to a pretty dress, taking it to a whole new light. Our eye-catching selections will give you options on day or night wears.
5) A pair of pearl earrings – As great as diamond earrings are, it is nice to have a little bit of diversity in your everyday earring choice. Pearls do everything diamonds can do in their own unique way. They make you look more relaxed and low-key, save your diamond studs for those events in which you want to stand out and this gives you the opportunity to use your pearls on a regular basis.
6) A pearl necklace – Pearls can give you a casual look when needed, or you can wear them to dress up. Pearls are ICONIC and have been around for years and years. Pearls can be worn with the (LBD) little black dress, for a job interview, ​graduation, a night on the town or an anniversary dinner. You can never go wrong with a string of Pearls. We carry a variety of colors and sizes that will go perfectly with your wardrobe.
Nakishia Freeman, The Freeman Jewelry Collection
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Sterling Silver vs. Silver-Filled

Sterling Silver vs. Silver-Filled

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper, reason being the copper gives the metal stability of being stronger and having more durability. Sterling silver is shiny & beautiful, however over time it will tarnish and become unflattering; there’s also lots of polishing involved and not to mention, sterling silver can also be EXPENSIVE.

Sterling Silver-Filled has layers and layers of sterling silver mechanically bonded over brass or copper alloy core hundreds of times. This material is widely used by many of jewelry artist/designers because of its durability, beauty and it is more COST EFFECTIVE and it’s a popular alternative to sterling silver. And guess what, you can clean it the same way you would sterling silver.

Anyone who can wear sterling silver can also wear sterling silver-filled without an allergic reaction.

By Nakishia Freeman, The Freeman Jewelry Collection  
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